I’m writer and editor, living in the San Francisco Bay area. I was a staff writer for the San Francisco Business Times for a dozen years.

I have spent many years as a digital content producer and web editor, with a focus on financial reporting. My favorite subjects, though, have often been the smaller businesses I’ve profiled, particularly the brave people who struck out on their own. Through those stories, I got to peek into the fascinating worlds of visionaries, entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses.

Beyond writing professionally for newspapers and websites, in recent years I’ve enjoyed writing long, handwritten letters to friends and acquaintances. In an era when things can be endlessly duplicated and cloned, the handwritten letter is something rare and novel. This anachronistic creative expression allows me to explore any topic that interests me, in and in the process make something beautiful and unique for a single reader. This blog is an opportunity for me to share my passion for telling smaller and more personal stories with a larger audience.

Early in life, my parents sparked in me an interest in scientific exploration. I now endeavour to pass that love of thinking, exploring and documenting the world around me to my young son Kieran.





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