Occupy Oakland Art 66

Occupy protesters made chalk outlines of the shadows of signs and other objects for their art.

 Occupy Oakland Art 9 Occupy Oakland Currency Chaos 7-600 Occupy Oakland Currency Chaos 1 Occupy_Oakland_Art_73 Occupy_Oakland_Art_08-600 Occupy_Oakland_Art_06a Occupy_Oakland_Art_04 Occupy_Oakland_Art_02-600 Occupy_Oakland_Art_00

Helicopters flew all through the night over Lake Merritt.

Helicopters flew all through the night over Lake Merritt.

Steven E.F. Brown
October 25, 2011
San Francisco Business Times

After Oakland police officers made arrests and cleared protesters out of two spots downtown early Tuesday morning, some “ghosts” of the rowdy populist sit ins remained on nearby sidewalks.

Over the last two weeks, protesters drew and wrote slogans like “Currency causes chaos” on sidewalks, often within the chalk outlines of parking meters, sawhorses and street signs.

Several helicopters with stabbing spotlights circled the downtown shore of Lake Merritt in Tuesday morning darkness as Oakland’s police moved against crowds at City Hall and also at Snow Park, a small lakeside patch of sward usually frequented by geese and golfers (it has a putting green).

News reports later in the day said officers put up metal barriers around Frank Ogawa Plaza, in front of City Hall, and blocked some downtown streets to hinder protesters trying to reform the crowds.

“Time is on our side,” one sidewalk graffito said. But only time will tell if that’s true.

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