After a summer’s evening trip to the Serpentine Prairie tonight, and a trip to Mt. Diablo last Sunday, my son and I came back with dozens of new creatures for our terrariums.

Flower beetle

A beetle from the Serpentine Prairie. This species is often found inside flowers.

Katydid stare

A katydid.

Katydid abdomen

This katydid is a nymph, with its wings still not fully grown.

Katydid nymph

A tiny katydid nymph has been living in a nasturtium flower for several weeks now.

Assassin Bug dorsal

An assassin bug from Mt. Diablo. The vivid red colors warn DON’T TOUCH!

Assassin Bug ventral

The underside of our assassin bug.

Assassin Bug peek

The assassin bug peeks through the grass in one of our terrariums. It stalks other insects, moving slowly, and then grabs them with its powerful front legs, which are covered with hairs that help capture prey.


A treehopper.

Tree hopper 2

Orb weaver

An orb weaver that spins its web in the grass on the Serpentine Prairie.

Orb weaver 2

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