The apocalypse in Oakland’s Lake Merritt continues today. More and more fish died overnight and today. Hundreds of pelicans crowded into the Glen Echo Arm, gorging themselves on a slick like an oil spill, but of dead and soon-to-be-dead fish. Cormorants dove like little Loch Ness Monsters, easily catching stunned fish.

I even saw a hawk flying off to the south this afternoon carrying a large, dead fish in its talons.

Crowds formed along the shore and sidewalks, gawking at catastrophe. Most people had no idea there were so many fish in the lake. It’s a pity they had to die for us to learn their numbers.

A crowd of western pelicans, Pelecanus occidentalis, gorge themselves in the Glen Echo Arm of Lake Merritt.
The pelicans are done diving — it’s too easy just to scoop up massive mouthfuls of stunned fish.
Corpses against a pier in the Glen Echo Arm.

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