I read this wonderful, simple recipe this morning on Andrea’s Cooking with a Wallflower blog, where there’s always something good, and decided to make it today. I love pie and have already made plenty this summer. I love sweet potato pie best of all, and apple pie, but have also made strawberry-rhubarb pie and blueberry pie this summer.

This morning I went to Berkeley Bowl, the best store for produce in this area, and found some good blackberries and some wonderful, enormous yellow peaches.

My pie crust recipe came from my mother — I’ve tinkered with it over the years with the help of some other bakers and think I finally have it perfected.

Berkeley Bowl peaches

Perfect yellow peaches from Berkeley Bowl.

Butter on scale

Pie dough is basically just flour, butter and water.

Dough ready to roll

Ready to roll!

Rolling dough

Rolling out the first round.

Edge trim

Trimmed and in the dish.

Canine assistant

As usual, my canine assistant is ready!

Cut peach

The peaches were fantastic.

Melon baller

Sometimes I use a mellon-baller to clean out the center of fruit.

Sliced peachFruit filling

Flour and sugar

Flour and sugar ready to sprinkle over the fruit.

Top dough rolled out

I rolled the top round out as a rectangle, so I could slice it into long strips.

Lattice top start

Starting the lattice top.

Lattice top 2Lattice top 3

Edge trimmed and folded

Some people fold the edge over-under, but I like to fold the lower round up over the edges of the lattice.


Crimping with a fork helps the crust stay closed during baking.

Perfect pie

After about an hour of baking, first at 400 degrees and then at 375, the pie is perfect!


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