Years ago, I was the copyeditor for the San Francisco Business Times; I read every issue of the paper, every page, every word, before it was published.

Since then, I often find my copyeditor’s eye at work, catching mistakes in books and even on jet aircraft.

Often, the mistakes my editor eye sees are subtle, as in the mistake of scattered instead of sceptered in a translation of the Iliad. But this latest one is ridiculous! Amazon sent me an email of books I might want to buy, and the top item was Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel The Sun Also Risers.

Wait, how’s that again? I wondered if this was a joke, perhaps some satirical send up of Hemingway. But it wasn’t. How’d they miss this blunder over at Amazon? I guess AI algorithms aren’t going to replace human editor’s eyes and brains any time soon.



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